Coming Together

This time tomorrow Mom and I will be on a flight bound for Denver. A cousin who lives in Colorado Springs is making an approximately 160-mile round trip drive to pick us up at the airport, take us to our hotel, and spend the evening with us. My nephew is also driving in from the Boulder area to join us for dinner. I am grateful to my cousin for the airport pick-up, as I wasn’t particularly looking forward to getting my mom and her rollator walker and our luggage (two large suitcases, one backpack, one small tote bag, one purse) on and off the airport shuttle bus. And I am very much looking forward to seeing both of them.

On Thursday we will take the shuttle back to Denver International and take another flight to Ohio, where we’ll spend the next nine days at my aunt’s house. This is the trip we had originally hoped to make in May, to be there for the annual Memorial Day family reunion, but had to cancel because Mom was still recovering from the nasty infection that landed her in the hospital in April.

The Memorial Day reunion brings family from other parts of the country. Not everyone makes it every year, but there’s a whole contingent who usually come down from Michigan and a few who make the trip from Maryland. Mom was disappointed that we wouldn’t get to see these folks, since we are making our trip “off season” as it were, but of course looking forward to seeing everyone who lives in the area. My aunt who is hosting us is having a potluck to gather all the family together, so we won’t spend the whole week running around trying to see everyone.

While I was with Mom on Sunday, packing her suitcase, I got an email from my cousin in Maryland saying that she and her husband are coming to Ohio next weekend to see us. I read the message out loud to Mom, and she beamed and clapped her hands like a delighted child. Later, at home, I learned that one of Mom’s cousins from Michigan is making the trip down as well. I haven’t shared that with Mom because I think it will be a wonderful surprise. I can’t wait to see her face when her dear cousin walks into the room.

I am so touched that the family is coming together like this. It’s a testament to their love for a sister, cousin, aunt, grandmother who has become the matriarch of the family.


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