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Ice Cream and Choo Choo Trains

Sorry for the long absence. Mom has been doing really well and I’ve been able to focus a little more on my own life the past few weeks. About a week ago I took her to an ice cream social at her church, which she really enjoyed. After ice cream sundaes and announcements about the women’s fellowship programs, they played Bunco – a dice game that involves lots of changing partners and moving from table to table. I was a bit nervous about it because I wouldn’t be able to stay with Mom throughout to help her keep track of the rules or her score. There was no room between the tables to maneuver her walker, so we left it parked in the corner. She did just fine. She must have gotten up and down, on her own, at least a dozen times. When she needed a hand, someone was there to lend one. When she forgot to tally her score, someone reminded her. She had a blast!

This afternoon I took Mom to her three-month followup with the neurologist. Dr. O was pleased with the improvement in her gait and balance, and with what I reported about her increased leg strength. We don’t have to see her again until December. When we left, I asked Mom if she wanted me to take her to get her hair cut, but she wasn’t in the mood for that… so we went to Foster’s Freeze for milkshakes instead.

On the way there, we were stopped for a bit at a railroad crossing while two commuter trains zipped by, one going each direction. Mom was very interested in them. After the trains passed, she turned to me and said “I’ve been thinking, the next time I go back to Ohio, I’d like to take the train instead of flying.”

The train? To Ohio?? That’s over 2,000 miles! It would take DAYS.  When I expressed that concern to Mom, pointing out that the travel time would significantly cut into the time we would be able to spend with family once we got there, she said we could fly home. She wouldn’t be dissuaded from the idea, so I finally told her that I would do some research – find out what it would cost and how long it would take to get there. “I hoped you would,” she said.

Personally, I’m hoping she forgets all about this. Though I’ve always wanted to travel by train, I don’t think I’d sign up for a journey that long even with young, healthy companions to join me. A 43-hour train trip with an elderly dementia patient might land us BOTH in the hospital! Besides, the sleeper cars cost almost twice what it will cost to fly Southwest.

It would be fun to ride a train together sometime, though. Maybe just a short trip, like up to Santa Barbara for the day…