“I have to move out of here…”

I had a stressful Monday, from computer problems the first 90 minutes of my workday right up to leaving work and finding my car in the garage with a flat tire. Thankfully, I was able to get the tire fixed relatively quickly and inexpensively. I picked up takeout for dinner because I was in no mood to cook.

Got home and grabbed the phone to call Mom while I dished up the shrimp with lobster sauce and poured a glass of wine.  Conversation begins like this:

“Hi, Mom.”

“Hi, sweetie! How are you doing today?”

“Better now. It was a stressful day, but it’s all good. How are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m doing pretty good. But I’m going to have to move out of here…”

I had about two seconds for my heart to drop into my stomach, thinking “Oh God, not this! Not today! What could have happened? She’s been so happy there…” — and then she continued,

“… because people are watching TV and I can’t really hear you.”

“Oh! You want to move into the other room where you can talk better? OK, I’ll hold on.”

Huge sigh of relief. It’s all good.


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