Thank God for Family!

My brother flew in from Texas on Sunday. He’s spending the week with me (until Friday) and will help me get Mom moved in to her new residence. He also took her to a medical appointment today (the ultrasound scheduled by her cardiologist), so that I wouldn’t have to take more time off work. I don’t know how I’d be managing this week without him. Not well, I’m sure.

After the ultrasound, he took her out to lunch. It was about a three-hour excursion all told. We talked on the phone when he got back and he said “I got a taste of what your life is like today. This is a lot of work!” Yep, it is. And I don’t think anyone really gets it until they’ve had to do it, at least for one day.

My sister and oldest niece were also in the area last weekend, doing college tours. They drove an extra 90 minutes roundtrip to have Easter dinner with us on Sunday. Mom was so tired after going to church that she didn’t want to get out of bed to go meet them for dinner. I had to ask her three times before she would even agree to sit up. But once we got in the car she was excited to see them, and we had a wonderful afternoon/evening of quality family time. It was the first time in three years that Mom had seen her granddaughter, and all five of us hadn’t been together since 2009. I was delighted when my niece announced that she’s chosen a university only 35 miles from us. I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the next few years, and I know Mom is too.

My aunt (Mom’s sister) and cousin also visited us from Ohio a couple weeks ago. Mom was still pretty weak from the hospitalization, so they spent most of their time with her just visiting in her room, playing Scrabble or just talking. They did some sightseeing in the mornings, while she was still sleeping, and we all ate dinner in her room every night. One night we all went out for pie after taking Mom to the lab to get more blood work done. Weak as she was, I know that spending time with her dear sister was a real boost for her morale and energy.

I had hoped to bring Mom to Colorado to see her granddaughter graduate from high school, but with the difficulty she’s having getting enough oxygen even here at sea level, everyone agrees a trip to the Rockies would be too risky. We’ll also have to postpone our family visit to Ohio until later in the year. I haven’t told her yet. I know it will be disappointing, but hopefully the blow will be softened somewhat by the wonderful family visits we’ve had over the last few weeks.


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