Another “Nurse Ratched” Vent

I was in the middle of a meeting with my boss when my cell phone started buzzing – a call from my mom’s phone, and she NEVER calls me (I don’t think she remembers how). I excused myself from the meeting to take the call, fearing an emergency. It was the Care Director (aka Nurse Ratched). I asked if something was wrong, is my Mom OK?

“Oh, she’s fine,” said Nurse Ratched. “But she is ADAMANT that she won’t get up, won’t get dressed, she just wants to stay in bed.” Her tone sounded cross, impatient.

“She’s sick,” I said, startled. “She just got home from the hospital.”

“So I should just let her stay in bed?” she demanded, in an incredulous tone like she can’t believe that’s going to be my answer.

“She’s been very sick and she’s still weak,” I replied. “Let her rest. Just don’t give her pills on an empty stomach. Make sure she has some food with them.”

I explained that I have to take my mom to the doctor this afternoon and would be there to pick her up between 2:00 and 2:30, so she would need to be dressed in time for that. But until then, yes, it’s perfectly fine if she stays in bed.

For crying out loud, has this woman NO empathy?! This is an 85-year-old cardiac patient on oxygen, who was just discharged from the hospital the day before yesterday. Isn’t it understandable, even necessary, that she get a lot of rest? Why does this b*tch need to bully her into getting dressed at 8:30 in the morning?

Man, I can’t wait to get my mom out of there! Counting. The. Days.


3 thoughts on “Another “Nurse Ratched” Vent

  1. Apologies first of all for the use of wholly inappropriate language but I would fu@k that woman rigid. Seriously. It’d be prolonged and really unpleasant.

    What possible thought process could she have had going on upstairs to ring you and not only say your Mum was adamant she wanted to stay in bed but then asked YOU what she should do?

    I’d have just gone, “Are you taking the absolute piss or what? Pretend I’m not around to call for advice and think about what possible options you have to play with here.

    Either you reason that a lie-in won’t do her any harm whatsoever OR you drag her kicking and screaming out of bed and force her to get up.

    One of those isn’t really an option by the way so with this in mind, what do you reckon you should do?

    I’d bet fifty five million times your annual salary it’s not company policy to force elderly, unwell people out of their beds at 8.30am It might be your own preferred method for tackling this sort of crisis but it’s not a standard get up across the board I’m sure.

    So come on. Let’s see how you fair under pressure and answer your own question”

    Stupid BITCH

  2. They sound so totally incompetent and is this woman supposed to be a nurse or a nurses aide?
    Take care and remember to breathe.

    • She’s not actually a nurse or even a CNA. But she’s the Care Director, in charge of all the caregivers. It’s worth noting that most of the caregivers are kind and concerned and diligent about their work. It’s just this woman and her second in command who have the bad attitudes.

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