… and here’s the catch.

So, apparently there was some miscommunication with the owner of the new board and care about the cost. The amount that I thought was the inclusive rate did not include all of the care my mom needs. We spoke today and negotiated a rate that is manageable, just barely. Every cent that she gets from social security and the VA pension each month will go to the board and care. The board and care does not pay for incontinence products, so I will have to pay for those – along with her medication costs (about $150/mo.) and her hair appointments (another $100/mo.) and any other incidentals like Ensure shakes or going out for a meal. Thank goodness cable is included and I’d already decided not to transfer her phone service (there is a “house phone” that residents can use), because we couldn’t afford it anyway.

I’m trying not to let this rattle me. I know that the much more personal, attentive care she will get there will be well worth the cost. I just hate being so close to the edge, financially. I live pretty much paycheck to paycheck myself, so it’s not like I’ve got an extra $250+ per month lying around. I’ve got enough in savings to cover her for a while, but I’ll have to dip into that for her moving costs and our family vacation in May… and I was really hoping to be able to move into a handicapped-accessible apartment building by this Fall, so that Mom can spend holidays with me instead of me having to join her at the board and care home.

Thank God I’ve still got credit.


One thought on “… and here’s the catch.

  1. wondering if there are any grants you can apply for to help with her care? Just a thought. Sending light and love .. ❤ xo

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