So, this is happening.

We put down the deposit to hold Mom’s room at the new place. I gave her notice at her current place. Last Saturday she told her Scrabble group that she would be moving. Everyone is sorry to see her go, but they understand the reasons.

But finding the place was only the first big step of this transition. I need to find her a church out here, new doctors, a dentist she can afford — or some kind of discount dental plan or dental insurance.

Speaking of insurance, I need to transfer her Medicare Complete insurance plan to a local plan, which requires first learning enough about the various options to know whether the HMO-style plan is the best deal for her out here (and, if so, which of a dozen available plans is the one to go with) or if she’d be better served by regular Medicare with additional supplementary plans. It’s confusing as hell.

Then there are the logistics of the move itself to work out with my brother, the things she’ll need for her new place, a goodbye party to plan. And now that it’s all happening in less than a month, I’m feeling the pressure.


3 thoughts on “So, this is happening.

  1. Ah dear one – what a lot on your plate – not quite the usual end-of-summer stuff. From the sounds of it – you need to also find Mom a scrabble group asap too. YOU can handle the pressure – you can do it…and when you are done, the result will be soooo life-giving for you both – it will have been worth everything. And like every developmental stage with my Willa – expect some regression, some disorientation…some confusion before your Mom catches onto this new life. I doubt a sweet girl from Ohio ever dreamed she’d live in LA! And now she will, nearby her beloved daughter. I get a feeling your Dad would be even more pleased and proud of you.

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