My mom gets ridiculous amounts of junk mail. A lot of it is from conservative political organizations that my dad supported; some of it still comes addressed to him five years after his death. As we get ready to move Mom to assisted living, I’m trying to keep all that junk mail from following her. She got taken in by a Reader’s Digest “sweepstakes” scam recently and spent over $300 on merchandise she didn’t even want, just trying to stay in the contest.

I was thinking of just not putting a forwarding order in at the post office, but that puts the burden on me to make sure everybody who needs to know her new address has it. And I’m a little concerned that I might miss someone or something important.

More than one person has suggested that I have her mail forwarded to my house, send along the things she actually needs, and just write “deceased” on the junk mail and send it back. It makes sense, but the idea of writing “deceased” next to my mom’s name creeps me out. As a writer, I’ve always believed that words have the power to shape reality. Writing “deceased” on my mom’s mail feels like tempting fate.

And I am NOT ready to lose her. Not yet.


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